At De Botello Designs, we take exceptional pride in our products; but at the end of the work day, it's time to play. We apply our De Botello philosophy of unique and cool to our down time spent with our co-workers, our family and friends. Our time is spent in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the lakes and rivers of Wyoming, and the beaches of California.

Most everyone here enjoys time off-roading, at the race track, and in the design and concept studio, where these custom products are hand crafted. We understand your desire to do things differently; it's certainly how we do it here at De Botello Designs. We are all about pushing the envelope, and that philosophy is applied to our homes, vehicles, products, and most importantly, your custom range hood. Furthermore, when it comes to having an extraordinary way to present your wine collection to your clients, family and friends, we get it.

Work hard, play hard!
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